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Ring Ceremony
Candle Ceremony
Balloon Release
Stone Ceremony
Wine Ceremony
Blessings for the Bride and Groom
Blending of the Sands
Rose Ceremony
Warming of the Rings
Hand Fasting Ceremony
Dove Release
Butterfly Release

Wedding Rituals

One of the things we love about wedding ceremonies these days is the variety of options, styles and components to choose from. Rituals and customs that can be incorporated into your wedding is only up to your imagination. Most European rituals are shown on the left of the screen. However Australia is truly a multi-cultural nation, and if your linage goes back to another county, why not incorporate a ritual or part ritual from that country.


wedding rituals Ring Ceremony


The bride and or groom give each other a wedding ring as their  first gift to each other.


candle ceremony Candle Ceremony


One or more candles are lit to recognise family or friends that could not attend the wedding.


sand ceremony Blending of the Sands Ceremony


Couples pour different coloured sands to represent their individuality and family ancestry.


wine ceremony Wine Ceremony


Family members pour wine from 2 bottles into 1 carafe. Then the bride and groom toast each other.


baloon release  Balloon Release Ceremony


Guests write wishes for the bride and groom on cards, tie to balloons, then balloons released by couple.


handfasting ceremony Handfasting Ceremony


A ancient ritual where a cord/ribbon is tied into an infinity knot around the bride and groom's hands. This can be done by the celebrant or one of the parents. The term "Tying the knot" originated from this ritual.

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