Marriage Celebrant Australia
Marriage Celebrant Australia

Frequently asked questions

 Q. How old do I have to be to get married?


A.  Both couples must be over the age of 18, or one person must be over the age of 18 

      and the other over the age of 16 and has approval from the Family Court. (Seek legal advice if unsure.)





Q. How long does a Wedding Ceremony take?


A. It can be as long or short as you choose. As a general rule, about 25minutes

     by the time the documents are signed. However, the shortest possible legal

     Ceremony can be done in 5 minutes.

Q. How many people need to be at the Wedding Ceremony to make it legal?

A. Two witnesses are required at the wedding that are over the age of 18 years,

     that can hear the vows and witness the signatures.  


Q. Why use a Celebrant, rather than a Minister of Religion or the Registry Office?  

A.  Some religions forbid a second marriage and it is also about choice.

      Some couples may want more than the legal procedure of the Registry Office,

      and therefore want the choice that Authorised Celebrants offer , that is a choice of

      location. Ie. parks and  gardens, beaches, the hills  or even your own backyard.



Q. How do we get a Marriage Certificate?

A. I will give you one on the day of the wedding, after the Ceremony is completed.  


Q. Is there any more paperwork to fill out after we get married?

A. No, after you are legally married no further paperwork is required.

     I arrange all of the paperwork prior to the Wedding Ceremony as part of my service.



Q. Does the bride have to be given away?
A.  This is the choice of the bride. Choices range from not giving the bride away to

      the mothers, brothers, sisters, best friends, and even children giving the bride away. 


Q. How soon can we get married?

A. You need to complete a Notice of Intending Marriage (NOIM) form and present it to me,

      then the Ceremony can take place after 1 Calender month.


Q. What if we can’t wait a month plus 1 day to get married?

A. You can get married sooner by presenting a case to a Court, but the circumstances must

     be either employment related to travel, medical reasons, legal proceedings, error giving

     notice or wedding or celebrations arrangements or religious considerations.



Q. Where can I get the NOIM from?

A. You can access an download a form in electronic format from the Attorney Generals

      Website    or on this link: NOIM Form


Q. What if I don’t have access to a computer to access the NOIM?

A. I can provide a form for you.



Q. When we complete the NOIM form how do we lodge the form?

A. I will arrange for the form to be sent to the appropriate authorities.  



Q. Is assistance given to compile  the words and vows for the wedding ceremony?

A. Yes, part of my service is to assist you with the words until you are completely satisfied.




Q. Can we make up our own wedding vows?
A. Yes, however there are minimum prescribed vows that must be used to make

     the wedding lawful. You may add to these words. My job is to assist you with this.

. Where or how do we start the process?

1.Make an appointment to see me. 

2. Set a date to get married

3. Book the reception centre or ceremony site.

4. Fill in the NOIM.  

5. Dependant on your situation, arrange appropriate Certified copies of :

         Birth Certificates- if born in Australia

         If born outside Australia, a current Passport or Naturalisation Certificate

         If it isn't your first marriage, you need also a Decree Absolute of Divorce,

              Ie Certificate of Divorce

         Death Certificate if your previous partner is deceased.

         Note: All documents need to be in English or have an official translation

                   of the document in English. Please discuss this with me.

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