Marriage Celebrant Western Australia
Marriage Celebrant Western Australia

Renewing Wedding Vows and Special Anniversaries

Renewing wedding vows can take place in a ceremony that is either formal or informal, brief or elaborate, serious or light hearted. The ceremony can be at home, a restaurant, a park or even the place where you were married.

The ceremony can be romantic and private, that includes just the couple and the celebrant, or it may be part a large party with the kids and relatives.

Couples who wish to renew their wedding vows often chose to do so at the time of a significant anniversary (10, 15, 20 years and beyond of marriage together ) or an important event such as recovering from a serious illness or in conjunction with a special vacation or family reunion.

The renewing vows can be personalized, and other rituals may be included that particularly recognise family and friends.

Milestone wedding anniversaries such as a Silver or Golden Anniversary often have a ceremony as the focal point of the celebration. Such a ceremony may include renewing vows, tributes from family members and friends, and the presentation of gifts.

A ceremony when renewing wedding vows or celebrating a Gold or Silver Anniversary gives a couple time to reflect on what the years have meant and what they hope for in the future.

I  include a Certificate of  Renewing Vows l  that is presented to you  at the end of the ceremony.

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