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Baby Naming Ceremony   

In   this modern contemporary world parents wish to recognise the cultural importance of giving their newborn child a name that symbolises some specific family tie or a name that has special meanings. Parents also want to celebrate the naming in the comfort of their home yet still have a ceremony that recognises the occasion by way of involving family friends and the presentation of certificates for memorabilia. 

 A typical baby naming ceremony usually follows the format below.

         1. Introduction

            I explain and express the joy on the birth of child and welcome  into their  family.


         2. Readings

            Read by  the Father, usually about the future that the child may experience.


         3. Celebrant

    A  talk about the role of the parents and cite statements from a Prophet or notable person.




4. Celebrant

    A talk about the child and the development that may be provided.


     5.  Readings

          Read by mother, usually about learning.



   6.  Celebrant

           A talk about the role of grandparents and their involvement in passing on cultural values. 



   7.   Wishes and dreams for the child

        Family and friends ritualise a nominated wish from the parents.


   8.   Godparents

       Responsibilities  accepted by mentors or godparents in the event of the death or

           default of the parents.


   9.  Blessing or other symbolised event

      This is performed by the celebrant and parents / godparents.


   10. Naming

       The dedication of the name given to the child.


         11. Final Declaration

                 Declaration to family, friends and the child and what this ceremony means to all.


         12.  Presentation

        Presentation of Certificates  to parents and godparents.

 Celebration follows

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