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Naming or Change of Name Ceremony   

On birth we are all given a name chosen by our parents.

However, some people dependent on the situation, may have a compelling reason to change their name.

The change of name process involves the registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, and the person may then want to celebrate their new name in a setting to fit the occasion.

Alternately, the person, now an adult has never had a ceremony to celebrate their name.

The Change of Name / Naming Ceremony can be a personal event with only a few close friends, or may involve the whole list of relatives.

A typical ceremony shown below also involves the presentation of a Certificate for memorabilia. 

         1. Introduction

             I explain and express the joy on the person entering the world and life experiences.


         2. Readings

             Read by  a close friend of the person or celebrant, usually about the reasons for the naming


         3. Civil Celebrant

       A  talk about the role of the friends and or relatives  and a close friend performs a reading.


    4. Celebrant

       A talk about the person and what this new name or naming will mean to the person.


       5. Readings

          Read by a close friend or celebrant, usually about change.


       6. Celebrant

          Blessing/ Burning / Rose/ Sand/ Wine / Ceremony or maybe a  Dove / Balloon release

          or another symbolised event

      This is performed by the celebrant and or friend / parents / relatives..


   7. Naming

       The dedication of the name given to the person


         8. Final Declaration

              Declaration by the person, and what this new name means..


              9. Presentation

       Presentation of Certificates.

       Celebration follows  

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