Same Sex Ceremonies Australia

Commitment Ceremonies


There are two types of Commitment Ceremonies

Both of these ceremonies demonstrate the universality of love and the strong power of formal commitment.

1: Same sex ceremonies

Gay and lesbian couples who choose a commitment ceremony will find me very supportive and a friendly person to work with.

I will work with you to create the ceremony that reflects your style and tone, love story, and your promises for the future. As with other ceremonies that I create, couples review drafts of the ceremony until it is just right for them.

Commitment ceremonies include many familiar ceremonial elements - a procession, vows, ring exchange, the declaration, and a blessing. You may chose to include readings, a unity ritual, special music, or a ritual to honor your families, especially your children.

Alternatively, a commitment ceremony may be quite informal and casual…standing together, holding hands, and speaking simple vows among a small circle of witnesses.

The location for your commitment ceremony can be your home, a park, a catering hall, or a restaurant. You can be creative about where your ceremony takes place, and you will find many places are "gay friendly."

I create Commitment ceremonies that are well-designed and reveal your heartfelt commitment to being life partners that will certainly strengthen your relationship in the eyes of your guests. Your views on same sex marriage may be included in the ceremony in a call for support, justice, and societal change.

A personalized commitment ceremony may be just the right thing for you to do to at this period in your life. Make contact, have a chat with me about declaring your pledges and promises to each other, surrounded by your supportive family and friends.

2: Couples wish to celebrate their commitment to each other, but don't want to legally married

Some couples have been together for some time, yet are not ready to get legally married. However, they are totally committed to the relationship together and want to celebrate the love they have for each other by having a ceremony with family and friends.

The commitment ceremony can be as formal or as informal as you wish, and can follow the same structure as a wedding ceremony.


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